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The Horrors of Colonialism and Imperialism in Conrads...

From the onset of the novella Heart of Darkness, the narrator Marlow compares his subsequent tale of colonialism with that of the Roman colonization of Northern Europe and the fascination associated with such an endeavor. However, throughout his narration, Marlow challenges this viewpoint by painting a heinous picture of the horrors of colonialist ventures. In the opening of his tale, Conrad, through Marlow, establishes his thoughts on colonialism. He says that conquerors only use brute force, nothing to boast of because it arises, by accident, from anothers weakness. Marlow sees colonization as; Robbery with violence, aggravated murder on a great scale, and men going at it blind - as it is very proper for those who†¦show more content†¦Throughout the tale, Marlow is disgusted with what he sees during his employment in the ivory company. He is shocked and angered at the horrible treatment of the black workers. By the end of his tale, Marlow has turned from the brutality of the whites to the truth and reality he sees in the black jungle natives. In this way, through his realization of his kinship with the blacks, Marlow emerges as the light half: what Kurtz may have been if he had not had to suffer the hardship he did. Like Marlow, Kurtz began his employment with the ivory company with noble intentions: he wants to create a better way of life for the natives. However, because of extreme hardships placed upon him by the manager, Kurtz becomes the dark half of the soul: he symbolizes what Marlow may have become if placed in Kurtz position. A stark reminder of what can happen if fate takes its course. As the treacherous villain of the tale, the manager signifies total darkness and blackness of the soul. He is in charge of the company and its appalling activities that take place within it. The manager humanizes the severely unbalanced priorities of the company through the extreme importance given to the obtaining of ivory and the deficiency of importance given to human lives. In the beginning of the book, Marlow comes upon a grove of death in the jungle where black workers are merely discarded like rusty machinery, no longer able to function satisfactorily in the eyes of the company. MarlowShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1250 Words   |  5 Pages Written in 1902, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness follows the character Marlow in his journey up the Congo River to find the mysterious Kurtz, an ivory trader. In the story, Conrad explores the issues of colonialism and imperialism. The Company has enslaved native Congolese to help them mine for ivor y and rubber in the area. The Congolese experience brutal working conditions as the company profits off their free labor. Racism is evident throughout the story with Marlow calling the blacks â€Å"savages†Read MoreEssay about Heart of Darkness1745 Words   |  7 Pagesdepth review of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, a classical novella that illustrates without bias the motives behind human intentions and the extremes individuals can go to achieve wealth and profits at the expense of others with the aim of shedding insight into the rise of European imperialism, the imperial history, its politics and evil activities in the colonized African tribes along the river Congo during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The Heart of Darkness is an exceptionally figurativeRead More The Evil of Colonialism and Imperialism in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad1559 Words   |  7 PagesEvil of Colonialism in Heart of Darkness   Ã‚  Ã‚   A masterpiece of twentieth-century writing, Heart of Darkness exposes the tenuous fabric that holds civilization together and the brutal horror at the center of European colonialism. Joseph Conrads novella, Heart of Darkness, describes a life-altering journey that the protagonist, Marlow, experiences in the African Congo.   The story explores the historical period of colonialism in Africa to exemplify Marlows struggles. Joseph Conrads Heart of DarknessRead MoreHeart of Darkness on the Flaws of Imperial Authority1024 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Heart of Darkness† on the Flaws of Imperial Authority Throughout Joseph Conrad’s â€Å"Heart of Darkness† despite the many conditions of the described Africa most if not all the characters agree that these conditions indeed differ from the conditions found in Europe. In working through conversations with Chinua Achebe’s Colonialist Criticism and An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrads Heart of Darkness it can be brought to light that not only is Conrad’s â€Å"Heart of Darkness† a novel that criticizesRead More Theme of Colonialism and Imperialism in Conrads Heart of Darkness1008 Words   |  5 PagesThe Theme of Imperialism in Heart of Darkness       Of the themes in Conrads Heart of Darkness, imperialism and colonialism are probably the most important. While Heart of Darkness is actually set on the Thames River, the events Marlow describes are set on the Congo River. The Congo is the river that brought about the partition of Africa that occurred from 1880 to 1890 (McLynn 13). This event marked the beginning of the colonization of Africa. In 1884, European nations held a conference andRead MoreHeart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad1329 Words   |  5 Pages Heart of Darkness is a novel written by Joseph Conrad. The setting of the book is in Belgian Congo, which was the most infamous European colony in Africa. This is a story about the protagonist Marlow’s journey to self discovery, and his experiences in Congo. Conrad’s story explores the colonialism period in Africa to demonstrate Marlow’s struggles. Along the way, he faces insanity, death, his fear of failure, and cultural contamination as he makes his was to the inner station. Conrad through theRead MoreThe Darkness of Imperialism in In Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad567 Words   |  3 Pages In Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, the interpretation of pre-colonial times is interesting in a way that supersedes other books I’ve read because it’s very honest with how the world worked it that era. The central aim which the shipmates in Heart of Darkness are pursuing is the expansion of their home countries’ empires. Yet many peopl e are hurt in this enterprise, and it’s not only the colonized territories that are impacted negatively by imperialist Europe. Europe’s explorers thatRead MoreHeart Of Darkness Critical Analysis1980 Words   |  8 PagesThe legacy of Heart of Darkness is credited more to Joseph Conrad’s ensnaring form than his message. Readers enamored with the first few pages of â€Å" still and exquisite brilliance† as an unnamed Narrator drifts down the Thames at the helm of a yacht are unceremoniously thrust into a framed narrative of a man who ventures in and out of the heart of the Congo (Conrad 4). Marlow begins his tale by suggesting that England too, was once a dark place to be conquered. â€Å"The conquest of the earth is notRead MoreThe Importance Of Imperialism In Joseph Conrads Heart Of Darkness1174 Words   |  5 PagesOn the surface, Conrad’s work seems to simply stress, â€Å"Humanity is important; fidelity is the highest virtue† (Moser, 1966, pg 11) but is both more subtle and complex. Even in the title of the book, Heart of Darkness, has significance. Africa’s Victorian era nickname was the ‘dark continent’, which â€Å"referred to the fact that little was known in the West about the interior of the continent† (, 2017). Therefore, Congo is the interior or ‘heart’ of Africa. This title also alludes toRead MoreComparative Essay1096 Words   |  5 Pagesanalysis: â€Å"Heart of Darkness† â€Å"Apocalypse Now† Student: Mora Vandenbroele Teacher: Azucena Estigarribia Year: 11th â€Å"A† â€Å"Heart of Darkness† vs. â€Å"Apocalypse Now† It is very interesting how humans are so intrigued about the evilness in the world, and the dedication of some men to compare Hell with the Earthly horror. Joseph Conrad, a genius writer, took his time to show this with his masterpiece â€Å"Heart of Darkness† that was

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Biography of Mary Read, English Pirate

Mary Read (1685–buried April 28, 1721) was an English pirate who sailed with Calico Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny. Though little is known for certain about her former life, she was well-known as a pirate from 1718 to 1720. After being captured, she was spared hanging because she was pregnant but died shortly after due to an illness. Fast Facts: Mary Read Known For: One of the most famous female pirates of all time, Read sailed with Calico Jack Rackham during the early 1700s.Also Known As: Mark ReadBorn: 1685 in EnglandDied: 1721 (buried April 28, 1721) in Port Royal, Jamaica Early Life Most of the limited information about Mary Reads life comes from Captain Charles Johnson (believed by many, but not all, pirate historians to be a pseudonym for Daniel Defoe, the author of Robinson Crusoe). Johnson was descriptive, but never mentioned his sources, so most of Reads alleged background is in doubt. Read was supposedly born sometime around 1690 to the widow of a sea captain. Mary’s mother dressed her up as a boy to pass her off as her older brother, who had died, to get money out of Mary’s paternal grandmother. Mary found she liked dressing as a boy, and as a young â€Å"man† she found work as a soldier and sailor. Marriage Read was fighting for the British in Holland when she met and fell in love with a Flemish soldier. She revealed her secret to him and they married. For a time, they operated an inn called The Three Horseshoes not far from the castle at the town of Breda in the Netherlands. After her husband died, Read could not operate the inn alone, so she went back to war, dressing once again as a man. Peace was soon signed, however, and she was out of work. Read took a ship to the West Indies in hopes of finding new opportunities. Joining the Pirates While en route to the West Indies, Read’s ship was attacked and she was captured by pirates. Read decided to join them and for a while, she lived the life of a pirate in the Caribbean before accepting the king’s pardon in 1718. Like many former pirates, she signed on board a privateer commissioned to hunt down those buccaneers who had not accepted the pardon. The mission didn’t last long, however, as the whole crew soon mutinied and took over the ship. By 1720, she had found her way on board the pirate ship of â€Å"Calico Jack† Rackham. Anne Bonny Calico Jack already had a woman on board: his lover Anne Bonny, who had left her husband for a life of piracy. According to legend, Bonny developed an attraction to Mary, not knowing that she was a woman. When Bonny tried to seduce her, Read revealed herself. According to some accounts, they became lovers anyway, with Rackham’s blessing (or participation). In any event, Bonny and Read were two of Rackham’s most bloodthirsty pirates, each carrying—according to one report—a machete and a pistol. Read was a good fighter. According to legend, she developed an attraction to a man who had been forced to join the pirate crew. The object of her affection managed to irritate a certain cutthroat on board, who challenged him to a duel. Read, fearing that her would-be lover might get killed, challenged the brute to a duel of her own, scheduling it a couple of hours before the other duel was supposed to take place. She promptly killed the pirate, in the process saving the object of her affection. Capture and Trial By late 1720, Rackham and his crew were well known as dangerous pirates, and bounty hunters were sent out to capture or kill them. Captain Jonathan Barnet cornered Rackhams ship in late October 1720. According to some accounts, Bonny and Read fought valiantly while the men hid below deck. Rackham and the other male pirates were quickly tried and hanged in Port Royal, Jamaica, on November 18, 1720. Bonny and Read declared at their trial that they were pregnant, which was soon determined to be true. They would be spared the gallows until they had given birth. Death Mary Read never got to taste freedom again. She developed a fever and died in prison not long after her trial, probably sometime in early April 1721. Records from St. Catherine Parish in Jamaica show that Read was buried on April 28, 1721. Legacy Most of the information about Read comes from Captain Johnson, who most likely embellished at least some of it. It is impossible to say how much of what is commonly known about Read is true. It is certainly true that a woman by that name served with Rackham, and evidence is strong that both women on his ship were able, skilled pirates who were every bit as tough and ruthless as their male counterparts. As a pirate, Read didnt leave much of a mark. Rackham is famous for having female pirates on board (and for having an impressive pirate flag), but he was strictly a small-time operator, never getting close to the levels of infamy of someone like Blackbeard or the success of someone like Edward Low or Black Bart Roberts. Nevertheless, Read and Bonny have captured the public imagination as being the only two well-documented female pirates in the so-called Golden Age of Piracy. In an age and society where the freedom of women was greatly restricted, Read and Bonny lived a life at sea as full members of a pirate crew. As subsequent generations increasingly romanticize piracy and the likes of Rackham, Bonny, and Read, their stature has grown even further. Sources Cordingly, David. Under the Black Flag:  The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks, 1996.Defoe, Daniel. A General History of the Pyrates. Mineola: Dover Publications, 1972/1999.Johnson, Charles, and Margarette Lincoln. A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates. The Folio Society, 2018.Konstam, Angus. The World Atlas of Pirates. Guilford: The Lyons Press, 2009.Woodard, Colin. The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down. Mariner Books, 2008.

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Market Segmentation Product Concepts Free Essays

ZULQARNAIN BIN ABU HASSAN SCM 022431 REVIEW OF SEPTEMBER ISSUE When talking about mix and match and color blocking it is normally related to the fashion world. It is also involves modeling, in terms of clothes, accessories, gadgets, men and women, and trending. There are various ways for customer to get reference in fashion. We will write a custom essay sample on Market Segmentation: Product Concepts or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some will refer to the while other may use word of mouth. However most will use fashion magazine as their main reference. So just what fashion do you prefer? Mix and match? Color Blocking? Trending? There are many answers and you can make a long list if you want. Here we will focus on a September Issue documentary film about the construction of a prominent magazine in New York City, â€Å"Vogue†. Vogue magazine led by its editor Anna Wintour a strong influential and is supported by fashion designers all over Europe. A bit of background of the Editor. She was an ex model and is a hardcore follower of Vogue magazine since her teens. Her father Charles Wintour, former editor of a newspaper, persuade join the Vogue magazine. In this documentary film it will highlight how a fashion magazine is being published. Publishing a magazine will involved planning the content of the magazine for each month, what message to be conveyed to the reader and followers of Vogue, and try to anticipate future fashion or trending today. The production of the magazine should always be able to communicate to the readers. It also should express its views despite the bitter outlook. This is done through pre-production. The publication of a magazine will have to looked in terms of quality and not just profit alone. In the pre-production, editor has to play a big role in ensuring that choices and decisions are made clearly. She has to understand the desires of the readers and followers of the Vogue. For September 2007 Issue, the goals is to make history by producing over 100 pages. Other factors such as fashion related activities, advertising and cover page by endorsed celebrity also plays an important role in a magazine. All the hard work is done during the pre-production. Post mortem is then conducted before they proceed to real production. As editor of Vogue magazine said in 2007 ‘fashion is not about looking back but is about looking forward â€Å". How to cite Market Segmentation: Product Concepts, Essay examples

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Music has no Language Barrier Essay Example For Students

Music has no Language Barrier Essay Music has no Language Barrier We all now know that Korean pop music is dominating the music industry these days. Many haters says that international fans cant even understand what they are saying, for all they know, they night be cursing the fans without them knowing it. Believe me, I have met many people, in reality or online, who hates Korean Music. But is it wrong to love them without knowing their mother tongue? I think there are only 1/3 people who are open minded and the other 2/3 are all close minded people. I mean, male call the male idols gays. Dont they Just feel insecure because the male idols are too Andromeda and not to mention talented? And when a male like Korean Music people would Judge him as gays, well I think bonbons are the ones who have lots of courage because they dont care what other people thinks, its what they like so no one has the right to Judge them. Sure, I will admit that their are Korean Fans would go crazy and chase their idols around the town of Seoul but it only shows that they love them deeply that they want to make their idols notice them. Just like in one of the anises I have watched. The protagonist would go around saying Sensei, please notice me! I think its like that. From what I have seen people who love Korean music tends to be more picky in picking the people who they want to have a relationship with. Because they want that specific person to have the criteria to be Just like their idol. Music has no language barrier. If you like the music then listen to it. If you want to understand what they are saying learn the language. Idols do learn other language so that they communicate with their fans. So Just like that learn the language and you can communicate with your idol online or in reality. By AsdfghJk1142

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Tropical Africa Food Production and the Inquiry Model Essay Example For Students

Tropical Africa: Food Production and the Inquiry Model Essay Tropical Africa: Food Production and the Inquiry Model Essay Hunger is the result of disasters such as drought, floods, the changing of the jet stream patterns and other natural disasters. They are beyond our control. It has been estimated that one third of the land in Tropical Africa is potentially cultivable, though only about 6% of it is currently cultivated. However, to change farming from a low-input low-yield pattern to a high-input, high-yield pattern necessitates the use of more fertilizer and the planting of high-yielding varieties of crops We will write a custom essay on Tropical Africa: Food Production and the Inquiry Model specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now There are a number of environmental factors, related mostly to climate, soils and health, resisting easy developmental solutions. Rainfall reliability is closely connected to rainfall quantity The rainfall in the equatorial heart is very plentiful and reliable. However, there is much less rainfall towards the outer edges of the rain belt. Periodic and unpredictable droughts are a characteristic feature of these border zones. There are three climatic zones in Tropical Africa: 1.a region of persistent rain at and near the Equator 2.a region on each side of this of summer rain and winter drought, and 3.a region at the northern and southern edges afflicted by drought. All the climates listed in the previous paragraph are modified in the eastern parts of Tropical Africa by the mountains and monsoons. The soils of Tropical Africa pose another problem. They are unlike the soils of temperate areas. Soils are largely products of their climates, and tropical soils are different from temperate soils because the climate is different. Because of the great heat of the tropics tends to bake the soils, while on the other hand, the rainfall leaches them. The combined heat and moisture tend to produce very deep soils because the surface rock is rapidly broken down by chemical weathering. All this causes the foods rate of growth to slow down or maybe even stop and as a result food production wont even come close in catching up to the rate of population increase; therefore starvation and hunger is present. In the process of a flood and drought, the roots of trees are shallow and virtually no nutrients are obtained from the soil. The vegetation survives on its own humus waste, which is plentiful. If the vegetation is cleared, then the source of humus is removed and the natural infertility of the soils becomes obvious. As being another factor, this will cause the soil to produce wasteful and useless products which in turn will decrease the production. To conclude this essay, the climates in Tropical Africa take a big role as being factors that could endanger or destroy the process of plantation. On the other hand, it could also bring good fortune if climatic regions are fairly good. .

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Example Sentences of the Verb Fly for ESL Learners

Example Sentences of the Verb Fly for ESL Learners Time flies when youre having fun, but memorizing irregular verb forms isnt always fun. This page provides example sentences of the verb fly in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms. Once youve flown through the examples, test your knowledge with the quiz at the end. Examples of "Fly" for All Tenses Base Form fly / Past Simple flew / Past Participle flown / Gerund flying Present Simple I usually fly by Aeroflot. Present Simple Passive Aeroflot is flown by thousands of customers. Present Continuous We are flying to San Diego next week. Present Continuous Passive A 747 is being flown to New York. Present Perfect She has flown many times in her life. Present Perfect Passive A 777 has recently been flown to Chicago. Present Perfect Continuous We have been flying for more than five hours. Past Simple George flew to Miami last week. Past Simple Passive A small airplane was flown to the village. Past Continuous He was flying to Chicago when he telephoned his boss. Past Continuous Passive A small airplane was being flown to the village when I checked. Past Perfect They had just flown to London when they decided to return home immediately. Past Perfect Passive The new jet had been flown many times by the test pilot before it was approved. Past Perfect Continuous They had been flying for four hours when they landed. Future (will) Jack will fly to the meeting. Future (will) passive A small jet will be flown to the meeting. Future (going to) He is going to fly to Houston next week. Future (going to) passive A 777 is going to be flown to Chicago. Future Continuous This time next week we will be flying to Mexico. Future Perfect They will have flown to Toronto by the end of the day. Future Possibility She might fly to Rome. Real Conditional If she flies to Rome, she will stay at the Cosmo. Unreal Conditional If she flew to Rome, she would stay at the Cosmo. Past Unreal Conditional If she had flown to Rome, she would have stayed at the Cosmo. Present Modal Mark should fly to the meeting. Past Modal He must have flown to the meeting. Quiz: Conjugate with Fly Use the verb to fly to conjugate the following sentences. Quiz answers are below. In some cases, more than one answer may be correct. A small airplane _____ to the village last week.We _____ to San Diego next week.We _____ for more than five hours.The new jet _____ many times by the test pilot before it was approved.A small jet _____ to the meeting.They _____ to Toronto by the end of the day.If she _____ to Rome, she will stay at the Cosmo.Jack _____ to the meeting.He _____ to Chicago when he telephoned his boss.George _____ to Miami last week. Quiz Answers fleware going to flyhave been flyingwill have been flownwill flywill have flownfliesis going to flywas flyingflew

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Summery of Globalization, Politics, and Financial Turmoil economic Essay

Summery of Globalization, Politics, and Financial Turmoil economic - Essay Example experience such crises mainly because there is a breakdown in communication between the chief executive of the monetary authority and financial officers in such times, leading to insufficient banking regulations and eventually flight of capital out of the country, which then has a snowballing effect. For the purpose, Satyanath elaborates on three bodies of literature – 1) globalization of capital and the political scenario in which there are possibilities of miscommunication 2) the presence of ill-informed chief executive and 3) the existence of veto players, that is, those whose consent is necessary for any policy change. Prior to the 1980s, all developing countries had relatively stringent regulations on capital inflows and outflows. All foreign exchange transactions were strictly monitored and banks had limits on overseas borrowings. From the 1980s, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) began to put pressures on the developing countries to liberalize the financial sectors, justifying that the access to foreign capital would allow these countries to invest more than the domestic savings allowed them to. Besides, short-term cyclical recessions could be balanced with countercyclical capital inflows from overseas. Also, free mobility of capital would also allow domestic investors to invest abroad thus neutralizing domestic shocks while also allowing them to earn higher risk-adjusted returns. Lastly, the dismantling of the bureaucratic shackles would allow the financial sectors of the developing countries become more professional, the IMF argued. Consequently, many Asian countries liberalized the capita l accounts as they did the trade accounts in the 1980s and 1990s, and the result was higher growth rates in Gross Domestic Product in the immediately succeeding years. However, by 1996, many of these same economies began to show signs of slower growth. Simultaneously, what disturbed the analysts were the growing current account deficits and increase in foreign